Confection Perfection Dessert Company
at the Market at Delaware Valley College
Doylestown, Pennsylvania, 18901
2100 Lower State Road
(215) 357-8211

All baked products are made to order to allow the freshest products possible!
Please allow 24-48 hrs. notice on all orders.

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Special Cake Order Form
Confection Perfection & Company

Print/Fax Form

Pick-up Date:____________________                               Number of Guest (best guess)_____________

Earliest Pick Up Time:___________________Suprise?_______( Y or N)


Phone:(        )____________________(If suprise give correct contact phone.)

Colors Requested?__________________________________________True or Pastel?___________

Cake Message:_____________________________________________________________________

Round Cakes -------------------------  Include one type of filling.
 8"    2 layer   Serves      6-8      $19.95/tx
 9"    2 layer   Serves  10-12      $27.95/tx
10"   3 layer   Serves  14-16       $36.95/tx
12"   2 layer   Serves  30-35       $51.95/tx
14"   4 layer   Serves  45-50       $65.95/tx
16"   4 layer   Serves  60-75       $79.95/tx

Sheet Cakes --------------------------  Include one type of filling.

1/4 Sheet Cake      2 layer    Serves 20-25      $44.95/tx
1/2 Sheet Cake      2 layer    Serves 40-50      $58.95/tx
Full Sheet Cake     2 layer    Serves 90-100    $98.95/tx

Cake TypesCircle your Choice:  
Chocolate Chip, White (Vanilla), Devil's Food (Chocolate), Marble, Raspberry, Lemon, Carrot Cake,  Mocha Almond,  Mocha,  Coconut,  Pound Cake.

Filling TypesCircle your Choice:  
Chocolate Ganache, Whipped Cream, Vanilla Buttercream, Chocolate Buttercream,  Raspberry Buttercream,  Mocha Buttercream,  Chocolate Mousse,  Vanilla or Chocolate Pudding, Cherry Filling,  Strawberry Filling, Coconut Buttercream,  Lemon Buttercream.

Icing TypesCircle your Choice: 
Chocolate Ganache, Whipped Cream, Vanilla Buttercream, Chocolate Buttercream,   Raspberry Buttercream,  Mocha Buttercream,  Lemon Buttercream,  Coconut Buttercream, Cream Cheese.

Bold Choices are Most Popular!
Print Out And Call Or FAX TO:    215 357-8911 
(Call to Confirm receipt)  
215 357-8211  Printable Cake Form

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